premlification (ihatepeoplealot) wrote in calculus,

Calculus texts

Hey calculus,
I'm heading in to Calculus II next semester. We're going to use Stewart's "Calculus: Early Transcendentals" 6e, which is the same book I've used in high school and previously in Calculus I.
Do you all have any opinions about the book?

Would you recommend some companion text I can read to compliment my understanding? I like this text, but at the same time some concepts allude me. (Riemann series, washer method/cylindrical shell, etc)
Sometimes I think to myself, "I'd get this more if they included some proof" as I'm terrible at simply memorizing formulas and rules. But I realize that many of the concepts required to "fully" understand some things gone over in Calculus are too complicated for me to grasp.

I'd appreciate any commentary or musing about the above.
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