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How to find M in tangent line error bound (taylor polynomials)

How to solve for "M" in error bound calculations?
Just need help on solving for M and then i'm Ok (i think)

heres the prob:
f(x) = Ln(x), b=1, and i need to use tang line error bound to find interval so that error is at most .01 on J.

So... heres what i set up:

f(x) = / Ln(x) - [x-1] \ <= M/2 /x-1\ <= .01

So i need to find "M" right?

So.. M/2 /x-1\ <= .01

And thats where i get stuck.. can't seem to solve for M
Correct me if wrong, but if i could solve for M then i could find a suitable interval??

Please help -thanks alot!

/ \ (absolute value)
<= (greater than or equal to)
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